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 An Air Dryer Is A Device For Removing Water Vapor From Compressed Air. Air Dryers Are Commonly Found In A Wide Range Of Industrial And Commercial Facilities.
The Process Of Air Compression Concentrates Atmospheric Contaminants, Including Water Vapor. This Raises The Dew Point Of The Compressed Air Relative To Free Atmospheric Air And Leads To Condensation Within Pipes As The Compressed Air Cools Downstream Of The Compressor.
Excessive Water In Compressed Air, Either In The Liquid Or Vapor Phase, Can Cause A Variety Of Operational Problems For Users Of Compressed Air. These Include Freezing Of Outdoor Air Lines; Corrosion Of Equipment; Fouling Of Processes And Products.
We Offer A Range Of Air Dryers That Are Manufactured Using The Finest Quality Materials That Are Being Procured From The Most Reliable Sources In The Market. These Air Dryers Are Greatly Acknowledged By Our Clients For Its Superior Quality And Precision Manufacturing.
A Heatless Compressed Air Dryer ( Drier ) Is The Simplest Form Of Desiccant Type Gas Or Air Dryer ( Drier ) For Achieving A Dew Point Of -40°C Or Better For Compressed Air Systems And Other Gas And Air Dryer ( Drier ) Applications .
PROCESS - Wet Incoming Compressed Air After Passing Through Pre Filter Passes Through The Slide Piston Valve Assembly And Is Directed Towards Adsorber Chamber I Where The Compressed Air Passes Upward Through The Desiccant (Activated Alumina / Molecular Sieves). Compressed Air Drying Takes Place By Adsorption. Dry Compressed Air From Adsorber Chamber I Then Passes Through The Check Valve Assembly And Then Through The After- Filter To The Application Or Work Area.
While Compressed Air Is Being Drying In Chamber I The Desiccant In Chamber II Where The Desiccant Has Been Wetted In The Previous Cycle Is Being Simultaneously Regenerated. The Chamber II Is Depressurized To Atmosphere Through The Purge Valve In The Downward Direction. A Portion Of The Dry Compressed Air Passes Through The Needle Valve / Orifice Plate Through The Desiccant And Flushes Out The Desorbed Moisture.
When The Regeneration Is Complete, The Purge Valve Is Closed And The Tower Is Slowly Re Pressurized To Line Pressure For A Smooth Changeover. A Drying Period Of 5 Minutes Provides An Efficient Dew Point Of -40°C Or Better (At Atmospheric Pressure). In Regeneration Process Approximately 30 Seconds Are Required For Re Pressurization.

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