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Product Name : Alloy wheels
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Alloy wheels are one of the aftermarket accessories that actually improve both the appearance and the performance of vehicles. While they were once made almost exclusively from magnesium, they are now typically constructed from aluminum alloy, they are generally more lightweight than older wheels were, and they come in a variety of sizes to fit many different makes and models of vehicles.

Characteristics of Alloy Wheels:

Consumers typically purchase alloy wheels because they are attractive and improve performance. While typical wheels that are factory-installed are made from steel and are cut from sheet metal, alloy wheels are manufactured in a way that allows for fancier and more attractive designs. They are manufactured using either casting or forging, with forging being the lighter but exponentially more expensive option. Since they are prone to corrosion, alloy wheels should be painted or sealed to lengthen their life. Alloy wheels are more expensive to manufacture than other types of wheels and their cost of repair is a better investment than outright replacement. Their higher price point also makes them susceptible to theft, so many alloy wheels are now equipped with locking wheel nuts that require a key for safe removal.


§ Light-weight

§ Easyto install

§ Stronger

§ Availability

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