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  Using the solar energy in the air and transferring it to the water in the pool. For each kWh of consumption recorded by your electricity meter, PSA – ZODIAC heat pumps can transfer 5 kWh to your pool.
  Unique in the world, PSA’s polyamide titanium technology ensures complete corrosion resistance. PSA heat pumps are compatible with all types of water treatment.
80% of the energy transferred to the pool comes from the air.
  PSA heat pumps (POWERPAC and EDENPAC) use a green refrigerant (R410A) that has no effect on the ozone.
   A Heat Pump uses electricity to operate. They are actually a form of solar heater, as the sun-warmed air contributes to the efficiency of these units. This heat is extracted from the air, upgraded with a compressor, and then transferred to the water.
   For those who enjoy swimming regardless of the weather, a Heat Pump is the recommended method. It is also the preferred method for therapy or athletic trainers, and also when a home is not "solar feasible" (i.e. solar will not fit on roof.)
  A heat Pump, when properly sized, can maintain any desired pool temperature between 80 and 90 degrees, regardless of outside weather conditions. A Heat Pump will work when the outside air temperature is above 45 degrees.
  Due to their high efficiency, heat pumps have a low cost of operation. Typically, for every 20 cents of electric input, you receive $1.00 worth of heat.

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