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Alpha power room purifier works under the principle of high efficiency corona discharge ozone generation and spreading it to the atmosphere to purify / sterile the guest rooms / suites / conference hall and restaurants.

Salient features
. Instant removal of smoke musty smell and bad odours in guestrooms.
 Permanent removal of carpet smell by killing bacteria, virus & moulds which are all the basic cause for bad odours.
. Prevent development of fungi & algae growth in walls
. Eco friendly since no chemicals or reagents requiredfor ozone generation.
. Electrically operated with low power consumption.
. Micro processor based digital timer control with lowmaintenance.
. Rugged design, portable & easy to operate.
. No running cost except power consumption.

Length : 400mm
Width : 220mm
Height : 300mm
Moc : MSWith Powder coated
Weight : 11kgs ( Approx )
Coverage : 600 Sq.ft ( Approx )
Input Power Consumption : 220V / 50 Hz
Power Consumption : 400Watts
Noise Level : 40 dB

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