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Product Name : Dissolved Ozone Monitors
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ATI's Model Q45H/64 Dissolved Ozone Analyzer is the ideal choice for on-line monitoring and control of ozonation systems. Capable of measuring DO3 concentrations as low as 0-200 PPB full scale, the system provides the sensitivity needed for demanding applications such as pharmaceutical grade water or semiconductor wash water.

the standard 0-2 PPM range, the monitor is ideally suited to water bottling systems or municipal water treatment. Even high range applications requiring 0-20 or 0- 200 PPM can be easily accommodated.

Utilizing a highly selective polarographic membraned sensor, dissolved ozone can be monitored interference-free, with little maintenance. There are no moving parts and what little maintanence is required can be done in just a few minutes

Ozone Monitor:

For water treatment plants, pulp bleaching mills, ozone generator monitors, photocopier and laser printer centers, fumigation projects, HVAC and indoor air quality systems, vehicular pollution monitors, research labs and pilot plants, and wherever ozone exposure is possible: the C-30ZX has a very fast and continuous response. It is rugged and versitile. There are no touchy controls


Constantly monitors your work environment;shows the ozone concentration by a multicolor graphical display, and alarms when there is a health hazard


Range : .02-.14ppm of ozone (LED scale); .02-.30 ppm via external data readout

Outputs : LED bargraph, audio alarm, 0-3 V analog output such as for data loggers, and external alarm relay contacts; alarm actuation and relay contact closure at .1 ppm (standard) and is programmable.

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