Domestic Wind Mill


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Product Name : Domestic Wind Mill
Type : Alpha Power
Place of Origin : Coimbatore India
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We Alpha Power, is an ISI & ISO 9001 certified company founded by our parent Company "Alfa Engineering Works" in 2005 as a dedicated
direct Manufacturing & Marketing subsidiary for Promoting On-Grid/Off-Grid Renewable Energy Systems especially in the field of Micro Wind Turbines
& Solar Photovoltaic Sytems either induvidually or with the combination of both (Hybrid Systems) suitable for Industrial & Domestic Purposes.
The Complete Domestic Wind Mill System Consist of the following Major Components as mentioned below

• Wind Turbine
• Control Panel(Charge Controller)
• Inverter
• Local Grid Tie Inverter with Battery Bank  Charger–(GISB)
• Local Grid Tie Inverter (GIS)
• Pure Sine Wave Inverter
• Battery Bank

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