About us !

About Us

Aquaculture Connections provides personalised expert knowledge and services to aquaculture and seafood business owners and managers.
We also provide wide ranging advice to major financial and management firms looking at investment opportunities in aquaculture.
Aquaculture Connections partners are familiar with challenges faced by business owners and managers and can offer skills and advice gained through many years of experience with small, medium and large scale aquaculture and seafood businesses. We have also worked closely with or in government departments and private equity firms.

Our Commitment

Aquaculture Connections is committed to understanding your business and working with you to find practical and sustainable solutions to your business issues.

We are committed to integrity, honesty, innovation and change. We measure our effectiveness by the positive results subsequently achieved by your business.

Aquaculture Connections Team



Nick's 30 year professional career has most recently included a 21 year stint performing the dual role of Company Secretary and CFO of the agribusiness/ manufacturing ASX listed entity Tassal Group Limited - the largest vertically integrated Atlantic salmon aqua- culture company in Australia.

Nick brings contemporary expertise in corporate finance, business diagnostics, turn-around and business restructuring, financial management , risk management, M&A and strategic planning and execution.
Nick currently provides consulting advisory services to a range of aquaculture ventures as well as holding a diverse portfolio of board positions. His roles in the private sector have ranged from Independent Non Executive Director of VEC Civil Engineering to the not-for-profit sector where he is currently Chairman of Tasmanian Quality Assured. He has experience as an Audit Committee member including at VEC and at state and local government levels.
Nick is a Commerce graduate of the University of Tasmania, respective Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Chartered Secretaries Australia and the Financial Services Institute of Australia as well as a Chartered Accountant and Registered Company Auditor.

Dr Trevor Dix


Trevor Dix emigrated to Australia from New Zealand in the late 1980's and began a career focused on the marine environment in general and on aquaculture in particular.
The aquaculture experience involved university, public and private sectors with pioneering work in both

shellfish and salmonid aquaculture in Tasmania ranging from R&D to corporate activities.
Development of new ventures has multifaceted challenges, some planned, others not. Being part of the Tasmanian oyster and salmonid industries from early development, through setbacks to mature industries has provided a wide range of experiences from the hatchery through farming to primary and secondary Processing.
Trevor's particular sphere is ecological sustainability with sound farming practices [including planning, implementation, and monitoring]: manage- ment of processing wastes: food safety and hygiene [ integral parts of broader sustainability ] - all being essential considerations in sound business plans.

Alan Newman

Alan newman

Alan's professional career has included a 12 year term as General Manager, Sales and Marketing of ASX listed salmon producer and marketer Tassal Group Limited in the during a critical growth phase of this aquaculture business. Alan has an extensive sales and marketing experience with private and multinational companies

operating in domestic and export markets. This experience embraces Retail, Foodservice and Wholesale markets in senior executive positions.

Experience includes private entity start-ups and market development in SEAsia, Japan and the Pacific. He currently provides consulting services for businesses looking to expand their sales and marketing footprint with major retailers as well as providing marketing and planning expertise to entrepreneurs investing in Pacific region aquaculture ventures.
Alan has a ' hands-on ' style being closely involved with all aspects of a business including planning, production and logistics.

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