About us !

Asia Smart Tag Co. Ltd (www.astag.com) was established in 1986 (Originally Horng Woei Co., Ltd). It focused on producing remote control products such as Radio Frequency Transmitter, Transmitter Switch, Duplicable Transmitter, Security Alarm…etc. In 1997, we founded the R&D department of RFID and devoted in developing related RFID products. In 1998, Asia Smart Tag started to enter into the RFID market and expand our global market to America, France, Malaysia, China and various countries in the world. During the last few years, we devoted in developing every kinds of High Frequency, Ultra-High Frequency, and Active products such as RFID Strap, Wristband Tag, Animals Tag, Smart Seal, any kind of Labels…etc. Their applications comprehend Access Control, Attendance Management, Personnel control, Membership Management, Inventory Management, Logistics Management, Animals Control, Vehicle Access, Assets Management, Production Management…etc.  

Asia Smart Tag Co. Ltd