Nylon Textured Yarn


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Product Name : Nylon Textured Yarn
Place of Origin : Taiwan
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BeYarns can offer nylon textured yarn with various filaments counts and luster.  We are also offer multi-ply yarn (2-ply ~ 8-ply) or Nylon 66 Yarn, Nylon Yarn Solution Dyed, Nylon Yarn Optical White, Functional Yarn, Micro Fiber, and more to create the life of fabric.


BeYarns, Nylon, includes 15 deniers to 400 deniers.  And they are good applicable to Raschel knitting fabric, weaving fabric, circular knitting fabric, spandex covering yarn, pantyhose and narrow fabric.  We use good material and dyeing inspection on every package to make sure the best quality to our customer.

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