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Well known for their efficient performance and incorporation of unique design features our range of synchronous motors are already being extensively used in a wide cross section of industries like, control instrumentation, light displays, textile, engineering, etc. We started manufacturing synchronous motors in 1993. Our synchronous motors consist of two types, (1) reluctance synchronous motors and (2) separately excited synchronous motors.

They are constructed using the best quality material, making them ideally suited for working under even conditions of extreme duress. Their commendable performance makes them stand out in the market. Our range of synchronous motors and separately excited synchronous motors are available in IEC /NEMA frames as well as customized frame sizes. Our manufacturing range in reluctance synchronous motor construction is 0.09 KW to 5 KW in4 pole, 6 pole and 8 pole construction.

We have supplied synchronous motor for various applications. They include:

*They are used in glass making industry and import substitute for US and German motors.
*They are used in spinning metering pump 0.32/1.6 HP, 4 poles, 16-80 hz, 54-220 V. The construction is foot-mounted style.
*These motors are used for feed roll, 5 KW, 1500 rpm, 4 poles, 220 V/50 hz, ideally suited for frequency 25 to 130 hz and 110 V to 572 V. The flange-mounted frame comes in 112 frame and 132 frame TEFC type.

The reluctance synchronous motor is used in friction roll motor with specifications of 0.625 hp, 1500 rpm, 100

*V/50 hz with 4 pole construction and suited for frequency 40 to 120 hz and 80 V. The frame is foot-mounted type, with NEMA 42 frame – 182, TESC type.

Famed for their vibration free performance and longevity, our range of synchronous motors, carry the same commitment to quality , for which we are famous for throughout the world.

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