Pneumatic Cylinders


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Product Name : Pneumatic Cylinders
Type : HPA
Place of Origin : Coimbatore, India
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Pneumatic Cylinders

We offer wide range of Pneumatic Cylinders that are fabricated using quality hard anodized aluminum cylinder tubes. These provide high performance and long service life with resistant to corrosion and abrasion. These cylinders are designed with specific dimensions to suit various applications for movement with a precise force and stroke.

    Non - Lubrication: Designs of oil-filled alloy. Special housing and bushing provide the needed self -lubrication of piston rod.

    Insert type Sensor Switch: With four grooves on the tube for sensor switch to be inserted into, Position can be adjusted as needed.


 These cylinders provide various mountings asfollows:

    Double foot mounting

    Front Flange mounting

    Rear flange mounting

    Male clevis mounting

    Female clevis mounting

    Center trunnion mounting        


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