Self Priming Pump


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Product Name : Self Priming Pump
Type : Vishwanath Industries
Place of Origin : India
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Self-Priming Pumps are used all over the world in many applications. They are used to pump fluids out of sumps, tankers and submerged tanks. If a self-priming pump is installed like a standard pump, it will not “self-prime”. A pump is said to be primed when its casing and all the suction piping are full of liquid. The beauty of self-priming pump is that they do not need either an external vacuum source or a foot valve and filling source.

Selfpriming pumps are developed with latest in design and manufacturing technologywith extreme care and rigid quality control. This manual contains importantinformation for reliable operation of pump.



·        Locked impeller design for noise free & durability

·        Low power consumption

·        Rugged construction

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