About us !

Alfaa Engineering Industry is manufacturer & exporter of all kinds of motors pumps sets which is used in domestic, agriculture and industrial purpose. Company was founded in Tamil Nadu state.
Wide range of motors and pump sets are professionally manufactured and supplied for Agriculture, Domestic and Industry needs. With its outstanding quality and after sales services Alfaa Engineering Industry has gained very good reputation in motors and pump set industry. ALFAA, all products are an extremely high standard and produce effective and desired results.

Company manufactures and exports various kinds of pump sets like:
*0.25HO to 1.0 HP High speed and slow speed centre fugal regeneration pump seta which is widely used in domestic purpose.
*0.5HP to 3.0HP high speed single phase centre fugal monoblock which is used in domestic and agriculture purpose.
*0.5Hp to 2.0Hp horizontal and vertical jet pump set which is used in domestic purpose.
*0.5Hp to 3.0 hp single phase horizontal open well submersible pump sets which is used in domestic and agriculture purpose.
*3.0 HP to 20.0HP horizontal and vertical open well submersible pump sets with is used in agriculture and industry.
*A,B and E class , Three phase high speed and slow speed cenbifugal  monobloc pump set from 2.0hp to 25 hp which is used in agriculture and industry.
*Bore well submersible pump sets with power range from 0.5hp to 40 hp which is used for domestic, agriculture and industry are :-

  • 3" submersible pump set.
  • 4" submersible pump set.
  • 5" submersible pump set.
  • 6" submersible pump set.
  • 7" submersible pump set.
  • 8" submersible pump set.

*0.25Hp to 50 bore motor in 960, 1440 and 2880 rpm. 
We are strictly following quality policy and very much professional approach to give best product to our customers. We are very much conscious choosing our vendors for their quality. Apart from that we strictly inspect each element before taking it in production to ensure best quality product.

Plant and Machinery:

Our Plant is well equipped with state of the art machinery for manufacturing our all products. Our manufacturing unit is also equipped with latest quality control instruments to measure product quality.

Research and Development:

ALFAA always proved to be innovative, interpreting and defining it into new dimensions and new functions in Indian motor and pump industry. The company is always aggressive for new development works is being latest trends prevailing world wide. Research work is being ongoing carried out with help of computer aided design for new experimental works and in modifications. Help of industry technical consultant is also taken to develop the new products with an aim of achieving the best possible quality and to suit the users requirement and indirectly industry as a whole.   

Alffa pumps will be the worldwide leader in providing pumping solutions to preferred markets.

We will create value for our customers by providing them with cutthroat and ground-breaking products that put manufacturing standards.

Our service contribution will be ground-breaking, approachable and technically exceptional.

Our customers will recognize our promise and dedication throughout the entire span of our products.

ALFAA Engineering Industry