About us !

Iso Comforter is a privately owned manufacturerof medical devices specializing in cold therapy machines. We have provenourselves over years with exceptional outcomes and excellent customersatisfaction. We manufacture our own cryotherapy units which include theCryotech 100 and the IsoTube pads. Cold therapy works on the principle of heattransfer and helps for a pain free, speedy post-op recovery. Our uniflowtechnology provides a dynamic or constant flow of cold therapy, creating betterair circulation for substantially improved heat transfer, therefore, reducingthe fears of condensation and thus offering a comfortable cold to increasepatient tolerance. Iso Comforter integrates its unique design of a self primingpump to avoid any operational confusion by allowing the patient to add appropriateamounts of ice and water as instructed. The Cryotech 100 is clinicallyeffective in treating ACL tear, rotator cuff injury, knee injury, kneereplacement, general surgery, plastic surgery, foot and ankle surgery, hipreplacement and more. The IsoTube and bladder pads from Iso Comforter arespecifically designed for individual body parts to achieve better coverage andto disperse cold therapy across the cooling surface of the pad attributing tothe uniflow technology employed. For the ultimate in cold therapy trust IsoComforter. It’s easy and effective. Visit http://www.isocomforter.com/ and http://www.isocomforter.com/p/3/technical-cold-therapy-systemfor more on cryotherapy.