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Telephone : +91-0422-2590347
Mobile : +91-9994926347
Place : Coimbatore , ,India.
Zipcode : 641103
Company Address : 13, I.O.B Colony Irugur.
Coimbatore - 641103

Contact Address : 13, I.O.B Colony Irugur.
Coimbatore - 641103

Web Site : SnehaWireNettingIndustries

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Company Name : Sneha Wire Netting Industries
Address : 13, I.O.B Colony Irugur.
Coimbatore - 641103

Company Website :
Country : India


SNEHA WIRE NETTING INDUSTRIES is a qualified weaver of wire meshes and wire net products originated in the year 2008. We mostly fabricate and supply Stainless strengthen basket weave Wire Mesh and Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Stainless Steel cable Mesh, , Welded Mesh, cutting Wires, Chicken Mesh, Perforated Sheets, extended Mesh and other cable netting Brass Wire Mesh and Brass Wire Cloth, Galvanized Iron Wire Mesh, Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth, Nickel Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth, Black Iron Wire Cloth, Chain Link Fencing Galvanized Square Wire Mesh, all types of wicker Wire Mesh in aluminum, stainless steel, fired up iron or other materials for insect screen. 

We boast highly developed wire mesh weaving machines and well-off experiences in weaving wire mesh and wire net products. Our products have been exported into all over India and some Southeast Asian countries through overseas trading companies in big volume.

In addition woven wire mesh and cable net products for a variety of manufacturing use, we too deliver Welded Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Chain Link Fence, Expanded Metal, Wire Mesh Conveyer Belt, Galvanized Iron Wire, Cut Wire, Tie Wire as well as other wire products for customers. 

During weaving of wire mesh, we utilize selection of wire supplies to promise that the end products should be first-class quality. Our skilled technicians and employees can knit wire mesh and wire net in dissimilar metal wire such similar to stainless steel, brass, nickel and phosphor bronze with a multiplicity of weaving patterns. Most important weaving patterns for wire mesh and wire net we use include plain, mesh, plain mesh and plain Twill.
We as well recognize tradition tips with special necessities. You are hail to visit our factory or send email to discuss business.

Quality Assurance
we, being the largest t trusted organization, judge superiority as our primitive reason. We produce products from best class raw resources by newest manufacture techniques. Additionally to this, all our products undertake strict value checks under the management of our quality experts.

Infrastructure and Work Force
we are supported by a sound infrastructural stand that is prepared with high tech machineries for the manufacture of superior quality products. We are also hold up by a team of adept professionals who add in their skills to serve our customers with highly developed quality products. Moreover, our strong logistic maintain helps us in providing time leap deliveries.

we have extended our footing all over the country as we seek to distribute unequaled quality products followed by timely deliveries. We have priced our mixed products sensibly low that have further enlarged our list of customers all over the nation.

Moreover, we have achieved an impossible spot in the marketplace as we have outpaced many of our rivals. With our long reputation experience, we have recognized ourselves as a well-known entity. So, if you are in search of finest products, we are the ideal target for you.

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