Zinc Plating


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Zinc Plating

We offer high grade zinc plating to our clients. For this purpose, we use environment friendly non cyanide zinc process to ensure high quality plating. We ensure different colors such as blue, yellow, and black as per requirements of our clients.

Zinc coatings prevent oxidation of the protected metal by forming a barrier and by acting as a sacrificial anode if this barrier is damaged. Zinc oxide is a fine white dust (in contrast to iron oxide) does not cause a breakdown of the substrate’s surface integrity as it is formed. Indeed the zinc oxide, if undisturbed, can act as a barrier to further oxidation, in away similar to the protection afforded to aluminum and stainless steels by their oxide layers.

Zinc Plating (Trivalent Yellow Passivation)

No hexavalent chromium

Higher salt spray up to 200 HRS(NSS 5%) white rust

Iridescent yellow color

Minimum attack on Zinc plating

Eco friendly

Quality meet out intentional standards passivation film has high hardness, less ware and tare

Thickness up to 400-500 mm

Suitable for automobile and export and export items

Zinc Plating (Trivalent Blue Passivation)

Trivalent Blue Passivation

No Hexavalent chromium

Higher salt spray upto 150 HRS(NSS 5% white rust)

Clear\ iridescent color

Minimum attack on zinc plating

Eco friendly

Quality meets out intentional standards

Passivation film has high hardness, less ware and tare

Thickness up to 250 NM suitable for automobile and export items

Zinc Plating (Trivalent Black Passivation)

Greenish iridescent yellow, trivalent chromate passivation

Provides darker color in alkaline Zinc and Zinc alloys

Operates at elevated temperatures

Under optimum conditions, thickness is about 300 nm

Withstands neutral salt spray more than 100hrs (white rust).

Hex- Yellow


HIGHER SALT SPRAY UP TO 96 hrs(NS 5% white rust)

Cost effective

For general purpose usages

Hex- Blue

Clear\blue color passivation

Salt spray up to 40 HRS(NSS 5% white rust)

Cost effective

For general purpose usages

Trivalent Chromate ConversionCoatings



·         Contains no hexavalent chromium. Cost.

·         Longer bath life and extended dump

·         Provides good corrosion resistance.

·         Can cause existing equipment and Process cycle.

·         Coefficient of friction can be obtained like Hexavalent chrome with or without Topcoat

·         Reduced waste treatment and disposal

·         Increase in productivity. Frequency.

·         Extends life

·         No extra expenses. Easy to change over.

·         Meets the automobile requirements.


ZincIndustrial Application

Break lines.

Power steering

Fuel and transmission line

Car body using electro galvanized sheet

Fasteners and Hardware

Good electrical transmission

Equipment component and competitive

Specification of Govt. and defense requirement

Reference Specifications

Applicable specifications, for electro less nickel only include:








Areas of Application:

Due to its unique properties of excellent corrosion resistance, combined with a high wear resistance and uniformity of coating, EN finds extensive applications in a number of fields. Some of the prominent areas of application are:

Oil and gas: valve components,such as balls, gates, plugs etc. and other components such as pumps, pipe fittings, packers, barrels etc.

Chemical processing: heat exchangers, fitter units, pump housing and impellers, mixing blades etc.

Plastics: molds and dies for injecting and low and blow molding of plastic components, extruders, and machine parts rollers etc.

Textile: printing cylinders,machine parts, spinnerets, threaded guides etc.

Automotive: shock absorbers,heat sinks, gears, cylinders, brake pistons etc.

Aviation and Aerospace:satellite and rocket components, rams pistons, valve components etc.

Food and Pharmaceutical: capsule machinery dies, chocolate molds, food processing machinery components etc.

Physical Properties:


.0001TO .010 IS POSSIBLE
Most applications run .0002 to .0015


Dependent on selected plating thickness

Hardness, as deposited

Rc 48

Hardness, Heat treated

Rc 68

Specific gravity

Approximately 7.8

Wear resistance


Corrosion resistance


Acid Resistance

Passes Nitric Acid spot test

Magnetic properties



Acid Zinc Plating:


Acid zinc plating systems have several advantages over alkaline cyanide and alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating systems:

Less waste treatment, since no cyanide treatment is required and no chelating agents are used;

Deposits with outstanding brightness that rival nickelchromium in their luster;

High cathode efficiencies, 90-95%, at normal operating current densities;

Plate’s difficult substrates such as castings and carbo nitrated pieces, which can be plated directly without any special pre treatment;

Excellent leveling;

Substantially less hydrogen embrittlement than cyanide and non-cyanide processes; and wetter systems typically employed in an acid process are relatively free rinsing when compared to alkaline systems


No corrosive acid fumes.

No costly additional equipment required.

Cyanide free process

Excellent ductility

Plate’s complex shapes.

Simple waste treatment process

Zinc CobalT Process

High corrosion resistance sacrificial coating

Compatibility with existing Zinc-Chloride rack and barrel

Easy to operate and control

Acceptance of wide range of passivation color including silver free black

Cost is only 15-20% more than Zinc. (0.4-0.8% deposit of cobalt)

Easy waste treatment. No complex procedures involved.

Do not require special chromate only adjustment is required.

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