Electroless Nickel Process


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Product Name : Electroless Nickel Process
Type : Baba Electro Platers
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Electroless Nickel Process

Electroless nickel plating is used in various engineered coating applications,automotive differential pins, brake pistons, slip yokes, oil & gas ball valves, aluminum fuel filters, memory disks, printing rolls, and washers.

Electroless Nickel Provides Endless Coating Solutions:

Corrosion resistance
High phosphorus (over 1,000 hours salt spray resistance)
Wear resistance (rockwell hardness up to 69c)
Low coefficient of thermal expansion
Low thermal conductivity
High melting temperature
Total coating uniformity (consistent tolerances within ± 1 to 2 microns)

Applications & Types

Electroless nickel is a dense, nickel alloy composed of nickel and phosphorus. Phosphorus quantities range from 2% to 14%, depending on the specific application and performance requirements.

Low Phosphorus (2-5%)
Mid Phosphorus (5-9%)
High Phosphorus (10-14%)

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