Zinc Alloy Electroplating


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Zinc Alloy Electroplating

Alloy plating processes developed in the nineties to replace cadmium and to provide enhanced corrosion resistance. It has greater corrosion resistance than zinc. In salt spray testing the coating will achieve in the range of 500 hours to red rust.

Various Types of Zinc Alloy Electroplatings are :

Zinc Cobalt Electroplating

Zinc-cobalt like zinc can be combined with chromates and sealers to increase corrosion resistance and improve the appearance. Current method of application at hohman plating is barrel plating.

Features & Advantages

Enhances corrosion resttance compared with zinc for the same thickness
Uniform ductility
Alternative procees for hazardus cadmium plating
Six times more corrosion resistance
Cobalt content in coating 0.2 – 0.8 % by weight
Over 400 hrs + nss

Zinc Iron Electroplating

Zinc Iron is an electrolytic plating process that is proven to combat the corrosion of steel. This process provides additional corrosion resistance compared to standard zinc.Zinc iron plating offers good corrosion resistance, typically 4 to 5 times better performance than zinc plating and a deep, lustrous black appearance.it is used extensively in applications where its appearance is of key importance

Features And Advantages

Improved corrosion protection vs zinc
Uniform deposit distribution, superior lubricity, ductility, and hardness
Highly cost effective
Over 500 hrs nss

Zinc Nickel Electroplating

Zinc nickel plating has the ability to offer outstanding corrosion protection, especially when subjected to high temperatures. It is used extensively in automotive under body applications where its temperature and corrosion resistance are vital.The preferred alloy composition of zinc nickel plate is 12 – 15% nickel, with the remainder being zinc. This alloy gives exceptional sacrificial corrosion resistance and can be readily passivated. To achieve this alloy, zinc nickel is usually plated from an alkaline electrolyte

Features & Advantages

Corrosion protection
Typical rack plated component with colour passivate – 1000 hours to white corrosion, 1500 hours to red corrosion (neutral salt spray)
Temperature resistance
Abrasion resistance – harder than normal zinc plating systems

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