About us !

Since its establishment in 1983, Bharat Light & Fitting Industries is committed to developing outsource manufacturing, trading and marketing of high quality electrical fixtures and fittings used for commercial and domestic purposes. With an exhilarating array of world class premium products ranging from dazzling lamps, flood light fixtures, down lighters, street lights, industrial lights, and Hi-tech LED lighting solutions.

Pioneered by Mr. Mahaveer Chand Kumbhat, our brand ‘Keylite’ has been surging ahead in its mission to provide quality lighting and exemplar service to its innumerable clients not just in the State of Tamil Nadu, but the whole of South India. Our portfolio includes wide range of indoor and outdoor products. Replacement for Conventional Tube Lights, CFL’s, Sodium Lamps etc, are the key features of our product line. High Wattage products such as High-bay, Mid-bay, Street Light, Flood Lights etc., can be replace by our LED based products which saves more than 80% of electricity when compared to their actual consumption.

Keylite is the architect’s ultimate dream machine that would lend atmospheric buoyancy and effortless credence to every concept they could conceive of at very special rates! And an exclusive package awaits you! So what are you waiting for? Visit us today. Reign in the decor. Explore the magic. Bring light to life!

Bharat Light & Fitting Industries