About us !

FABTEX was founded in 1993 in Coimbatore-India.Coimbatore is of great textile importance,well known all over the world for its high quality performance.

FABTEX has applied new automations both to new machinery and to the existing ones in order to improve the quality and quantity,yield the closeness to the textile sector.

Each of our machine and device is indigenous and manufactured by FABTEX. An after-sales service with highly experienced staff with assistance to customer is the secret behind FABTEX's ever-growing customer base.FABTEX holds the belief based on the quality developed by technique and earn credit by service and will strive together for a bright future.

             FABTEX – One of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Hydraulic baling press, Hydraulic bundling press, Reeling machine, Semi-automatic reeling machine, Auto reeling machine, Lycra attachment in ring frames and gearboxes, and gears for steel Re-rolling mills.
FABTEX machines are used widely because of high wear resistance, little damage for high-speed yarn and low friction coefficient. For more than a decade since it’s founding, FABTEX has been using latest technologies to provide advanced machinery to the textile industry that has long been its core business area.

Hydraulic Baling Press (Fabrics, Jute Bags, HDPE Bags)
Auto Reeling Machine
Other Machineries

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