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Product Name : Classic V Belts
Type : Model 1
Place of Origin : Coimbatore
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Fenner Poly-P Plus PB belts are designed by renowned scientists and engineers.  They are manufactured using the cutting edge machinery and manufacturing technology, which maintains the highest standards and conform to DIN 2215, RMA IP 20, ISO 4184, BS 3790, API 1B, JIS K 6323.
Superior Design& Features :
Fenner belts are designed with state-of-art material – Polyester-cotton blended fabric jacket impregnated with Polych chloroprene synthetic rubber, which exhibits superior flexibility, better traction, flex and wears resistance. Moreover, this design provides oil and heat resistant as well as antistatic features to the Belt.
   The High Modulus Low Stretch HMLS Polyester cord ensures high horse power transmission with minimum stretch resulting in better belt stability and fewer take-up adjustments.
   Stiff-yet-flex-crack-resistant base made out of specially compounded Polymers ensures uniform load transfer to cords preventing power loss and premature belt failure.
   Poly F Plus PB belts are ‘Precision Built’ and subject to precise length stability and hence do not require any matching belt and thus yield high efficiency.
   The unique ‘HSS’ process of Heat Stretching and Length Stabilising ensures that belts retain the tension and stay matched not only in storage but more significantly ‘on the drive’, resulting in uniform loading and maximum life.
   Poly-F belts are designed and manufactured using advanced materials and techniques, which provide the feature One-shot Tensioning – so fit and forget about belt re-tensioning.
Applications : 

  •  Crusher belt, Jaw Crusher belt, Cone Crusher belt, VSI belt, HSI belt, M sand crusher belt, Screener belt
  •  The conveyor system, Transmission engineering
  •  Mining, Construction machines
  • Crushers, Papermill, Sugar factories, Food processing industries, Textile industries, Automotive industries
  • Tea industries, Coir manufacturers, Foundry, Paper, print and packaging, Wood, Fiberboard and Plywood, Sawmills
 Available Sizes :

  • A18 – A200 | A 18 to A 200
  • B19 – B551 | B 19 to B 551
  • C36 – C570 | C 36 to C 570
  • D75 – D598 | D 75 to D 598
  • E180 – E598 | E 180 to E 598

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