Green Cover Wedge V Belt


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Product Name : Green Cover Wedge V Belt
Type : Model 3
Place of Origin : Coimbatore
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PowerTrain belt | Green cover Belt | Green V-belt | PT belt : 
Fenner Belts are designed by renowned scientists and engineers.  They are manufactured using the cutting edge machinery and manufacturing technology, which maintains the highest standards and conform to DIN 2215, RMA IP 20, ISO 4184, BS 3790, API 1B, JIS K 6323. 
Superior Design& Features :
The Power Train belts are made with superior cords thus offer the following advantages:

  • Compared to normal belts, the PowerTrain Green cover belts have 40% more power transmitting capability
  •  97% drive efficiency
  • Reduces heat and friction
  • Operating temperature -35?C to +85?C
  • Long life
   Power Train or Green cover belts are wedge belts. The benefits of Wedge Belts surpasses compactness. Every Wedge Belt has superior anti-static and oil-resistance properties. Also, it provides resistance to heat and exposure to weather.  They will not self-ignite under sever slip/stall condition
   Lesser number of Wedge belts for transmitting the same power leads to lesser shaft overhang, lower shaft moments and lower load on bearings, other than compactness of design.
   increased height of the cross-section ensures higher support for all the cable cords leading to the uniform distribution of stresses and consequently power. Higher belt velocities are possible with wedge belts, the recommended limit is 40 m/sec.
   ln combination with Fenner Pulleys machined to close limits from high-grade materials, these Wedge Belts result in drives which are extraordinarily compact. They are capable of transmitting even more than twice as much power in a given space as traditional V-Belt drives.
   Poly-F belts are designed and manufactured using advanced materials and techniques, which provide the feature One-shot Tensioning – so fit and forget about belt re-tensioning.
Applications :

  •  Crusher belt, Jaw Crusher belt, Cone Crusher belt, VSI belt, HSI belt, M sand crusher belt, Screener belt
  • The conveyor system, Transmission engineering
  • Mining, Construction machines
  • Crushers, Papermill, Sugar factories, Food processing industries, Textile industries, Automotive industries
  • Tea industries, Coir manufacturers, Foundry, Paper, print and packaging, Wood, Fiberboard and Plywood, Sawmills
 Available Sizes :

  • SPZ-PT630 – SPZ-PT3960 | SPZ-PT 600 – SPZ-PT 3960
  • SPA-PT 800 – SPA-PT 4500 | SPA-PT 660 – SPA-PT 4500
  • SPB-PT 1250 – SPB-PT 8000 | SPB-PT 1250 – SPB-PT 8000
  • SPC-PT 2000 – SPC-PT 12500 | SPC-PT 2000 – SPC-PT 12500
  • 5V-PT 420 – 5V-PT 5700 | 5V-PT 420 – 5V-PT 5700
  • 8V-PT 1000 – 8V5000 | 8V-PT 1000 – 8V-PT 5000

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