About us !

Our company was established in 1980, were mainly engaged in the accurate plastic gear and plastic fittings.
From open mold produce, penetrate shaping always homework, can offer every industry need. For example,
Music Box, camera, motor, printer, fax-machine, toy and all kinds of gear, electronic part need. We have insisted quality has priority, service is above everything else for many years. We helped the customer to shorten the time course of product development, reduce the production cost, raising the quality and competitiveness.

We are grateful to every customers' affirm and support. In order to offer more customers' demand, expansion-serve in pluralism, extend the processing and manufacturing of the part, forward product development. We will develop the music box successively, adopt the world-famous brand SANKYO inner works. There are many kinds of songs for choosing, to theme design and writing music for a song, the music is melodious, pretty design, the products intention are sheer. It is suitable for every companies as the gift. 

Open property

Export, manufacture, wholesale, OEM/ODM

Establish for year


The area of main trade

The whole world

Main products

Accurate plastic gear, equipment, transportation, motor parts, steer, gear parts, and various plastic fittings Serial products of music box

Main competition advantage

Best in quality, quick service, new products, accept the unique design or Logo, the competitive price, suitable for promoting products or gift. Accept the small order, and OEM