About us !

Yuzhou Huade Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of filtration equipment. It is a major manufacturer and exporter based of filter press in China. The general manager Zhang of Shuangfa engaged in filtration equipment industry began in the 1980s. In 1995, the co-partnership company (Yuzhou Shuangfa Chemical Industry Machinery Co., Ltd) founded.It is China's first batch of filtration equipment R & D and producers.With palate factory established in 1997 and a pump factory established in 2000,Shuangfa became a group. 


Boasts its 80000 square meters production base and owns completemodernized metal cutting equipment, equipped with advanced Solidworks 3Dmechanical design and Computerized Simulation Test System, Shuangfa hascultivated a professional technology and after-sales service team, andsuccessfully achieved ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate and EU CECertificate. 


Till now, we have formed a whole production chain with main products:series pressure filter, vacuum belt filter press, belt filter press, variousplates, series pumps, centrifuges, water purification equipment, processingequipment, conveyor equipment, washing machine.The products are widely used inchemical industry,food, environmental protection, mining, metallurgy, petroleum,pharmaceutical, papermaking, coal, washing and contaminated water treatment andother industries of liquid separation.Advanced technology content, highreliability, low operation and maintenance cost have enabled our products totake the leading position in the field. 


Our products have been exported to more than 130 countries and are widelyused in variety of industries. Being innovative and perfect is our incessantpursuit, and also our vigor source of energy and harmony.

Yuzhou Huade Environmental Technology Co., Ltd