FRP Cooling Tower


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Product Name : FRP Cooling Tower
Type : BCE
Place of Origin : Coimbatore, India
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We are the manufacturers of FRP Cooling Towers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Round shape BCE -FR Series Fibre cooling towers 
are most economical and Proven Reliability have been installed in many applications. Rotating sprinkler provides uniform water distribution.

The low speed, high efficiency fan and low pressure drop and design to optimize the energy consumption. Fill shall be high efficiency film Honey comb type, rigid, corrugated PVC sheets with integral louver and drift eliminator that are conducive to cooling tower and UV protected.

Fills shall be resistance to rot, decay and biological attack with maximum -flame-spread rating of 5 according to ASTM E84.

Drift eliminators shall be efficient enough to effectively limit drift loss to 0.005% of the designed -flow rate. Cooling Tower components are made of anti-corrosive material suitable for cooling water application.

Starting range from 10 RT – 1000 RT single Cell

We Manufacture FRP Square Type Cooling Towers and FRP Multi cell Cooling Towers also.

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