Natural Cooling Tower


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Product Name : Natural Cooling Tower
Type : Classik Cooling Towers
Place of Origin : India
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Natural Cooling Tower

Devoid of either the fan or the fill media these towers are guaranteed for 100% savings in power & maintenance down time.
The special aero dynamic designed FRP / GI louvers minimize spillage and evaporation losses.
The Hot Dipped Galvanized structural and S.S. fasteners increase the life periods of the towers.
Their unique non clog nozzle atomizes water to fine mist state to ensue efficiencies of the towers and are easily maintained even during operations
In this process, water gets cooled and the air gets heated / saturated thereby caring away some sensible heat from water.

Natural Cooling Tower are designed on the principle of evaporative cooling in which, hot water comes directly in to contact with the ambient air and the cooling is achieved mainly by portion of water that is atomized to a mist state, which is then converted to vapors, thus caring away the latent heat of evaporation. In this process, water gets cooled and the air gets heated / saturated thereby caring away some sensible heat from wate.


Eliminates fill media and hence maintenance
Eliminates motor / fan and hence power consumption
Used for high temperature applications
Used for industries having polluted waters
All structural in HDG Steel, to arrest rust
All joints with SS fasteners
Aero dynamic designed FRP / GI louvers
Capacities 30TR to 1500TR, in a single cell
Water flow 20 m3/h to 1000 m3/h, in a single cell
Delta T temperature drop 4 °C to 30 °C, in a single cell
Specially designed non clog nozzles to atomize water to mist


Aluminium die casting m/c
Air compressors
A/C plant & cold rooms
Blow moulding M/c
Chemical industries
Dairy, Citrus and other food processing industries
Distilleries and Breweries plants
Diesel / Gas Gensets & Megawatt Projects
Glass Mfg. Plant
Herbal, Aromatics & extraction plants
Industries heat process
Oil refineries
Plastic injection moulding m/c
PVC pipes manufacturing .plant
Soap / Cosmetic mfg. industries
Steel factory and foundry

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