Water Cooled Heat Exchanger


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Product Name : Water Cooled Heat Exchanger
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We are engaged in offering a wide range of high quality aluminum inter cooler, which is made from high quality aluminum. This is mainly used for induct gas, as these aluminum inter cooler are basically used for cooling the device.

Benefits  of Inter cooling:

1)      Greatly Reduced Intake Temperature:

An 85° – 200° drop in air temperature (dependent upon application) results in a more dense, powerful fuel/air charge, greatly reduces exposure to detonation, and virtually eliminates the “power fade” felt in back-to-back runs and extended pulls without inter cooling

2)      Full Timing:

This reduction in temperature allows you to run factory (or close to factory) timing, and avoids the substantial horsepower loss inflicted by excessively retarded ignition timing

3)      More Low-End Boost and Horsepower:

The intercooler also acts as a passive waste gate, flattening the boost curve at higher rpm’s and allowing more boost to be dialed in at lower rpm’s

4)      An Expanded Power Band:

Full timing and forced induction keep the engine pulling hard to the redline

5)      More Boost:

Not only will you experience the above benefits at any boost level, you can also safely run substantially more boost when intercooled!

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