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Product Name : Ottiyanam
Type : Shree Thangamaaligai
Place of Origin : Coimbatore
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Ottiyanam enhance the beauty of a bride. With exclusively designed Ottiyanams, it makes even more special.

There are the Ashtalakshmi Oddiyanam which has the eight Lakshmi namely Adhi Laksmi,Aiswarya Lakshmi,Dhanya Lakshmi,Santhana Lakshmi,Dhana Lakshmi,Veera Lakshmi,Gaja Lakshmi,Vijaya Lakshmi,carved in it

There are the Ashta Vinayagar Oddiyanam with eight Vinayagars namelyNatiya Vinayagar,Heyramba Vinayagar, Dabha Vinayagar, Darbar Vinayagar Veera Vinayagar, Moshika Vinayagar Hamsa Vinayagar, Siddhi Vinayagar

And also The Dasavatara Ottiyanams

with the Ten incarnation of the Lord namely Macha Avathara, Kurma Avathara, Varaha Avathara, Narasimha Avathara Vamana Avathara, Parasurama Avathara, Rama Avathara, Balarama Avathara, Krishna Avathara, Kalki Avathara encrypted in it.

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