Refractory Boiler Bed Materials


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Product Name : Refractory Boiler Bed Materials
Type : sudha
Place of Origin : india
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These Boiler Bed Materials are poured at the bottom of the Boiler as a Heat Resistance Materials. It lies between the Boiler's air box and the burning materials. By heating these materials, the bed materials are conducting the temperature and maintain it for a long time. Hence, a progressing result is availed.

We are manufacturing different size of Boiler Bed Materials. Commonly 0.86 to 2.36 mm is used. We are manufacturing Bed Materials of different size and density for various temperature applications as per the customer’s specifications.

We are manufacturing the Bed Materials from Refractory Fire Bricks. The Fire Bricks are already baked up to 1400o C. Hence our Boiler Bed materials will withstand up to 1400o C.

We are also manufacturing Bed Materials for High Heat Duty application to withstand 1600oC.


S.No Description Standard Grade High Heat Duty
1 Particle Density 2000 kg/m3 2000 kg/m3
2 Bulk Density 1000 to 1200 kg/m3 1000 to 1200 kg/m3
3 Chemical Alumina 2000 kg/m3 2500 kg/m3
4 Composable Silica 35 to 60% 50 to 55%
5 Permissible Fines (during transit) 1 to 2% 1 to 2%
6 Service Temperature 1400o C /kg/m3 1580o C /kg/m3
7 Melting Point 1580oC 1650o C

Salient Features of our Materials:

Our Refractory Bed Materials are containing 35% to 45% Alumina contents. A long time heat resistance will be maintained in the boiler.

Our Materials are having even Melting Materials as Chemical contents it withstand up to 1400oC as long lasting temperature.As the density of our materials is 1000 to 1200, these will easily jump, while pouring air through the Air Box.

Correct ratio of SiO2 is available in our materials.

Correct size of Bed Materials is supplied by us according to your Boiler's Air Box and Nozzles. Hence, the holes of the Air box and Nozzles may not blocked by these materials and free air will be pumped and better result can be achieved.

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