About us !

Wetpoint Aqua Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of cooling tower in central part of India. Our product range includes the Timber & FRP Induced Draught Cross flow & counter flow cooling towers which are designed and made as per particular process applications.

Wetpoint is in the business since 1996 and and has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification for approach towards system & documentation.

Company policy is to design & manufacture the product to meet the requirement of the customer which would be able to delight him by good quality and better services.

WAEPL offers a wide range of cooling towers & spares for various applications like Air conditioning, DG sets, Compressors, Induction Furnace, Injection Molding Machines & various industrial processes. The capacities range from 5TR to 5000TR and the temperature ranges from 80 C to 30 C. We make use of all popular material like Double edge folded fill, FRP Fans, Plastic Sprinklers, PVC splash bars & Drift eliminators etc.

We have a long list of our satisfied customers all over India & abroad backed up with good after sales servicesWAEPL R&D Section is equipped with experienced engineers with advantage of AutoCAD & Pro-E. They are having experience in cooling tower technology, engineering assistance on basin construction, wiring piping and special cooling tower applications. Our experienced engineers has specialized knowledge to ensure a cooling tower selection that will produce optimum performance & economy for your exact need.

WAEPL products are subjected to severe testing & quality checks before dispatch under various stagesWETPOINT since inception has been working on focused and very clear objectives….. providing solution to customers working problems customized to their needs and continuous improvement on products & systems.

WETPOINT products are manufactured confirming to the following standards and technical specifications which are best in the industry and confirming to the Indian standards.

Wetpoint Aqua Equipments Pvt Ltd